Tuesday, December 15, 2009

12 days of Christmas

I'm in a sorority and we exchange names for Secret Sisters at Christmas and I drew the name of one of my best friends, who is a fairly new quilter. What fun I had with her gift! I based it on the Twelve Days of Christmas. 

On the first day of Christmas, Joy's sister gave to her:

A quilted purse for Joy----no picture :(

P51700792nd day of Christmas.........


two quilting notions



3rd day of Christmas…….three quilting patterns (again, no picture)

P51700784th day of Christmas……


4 spools of thread






on the 5th day of Christmas……..



5 Fat Quarters




6 inch ruler

on the 6th day of Christmas…


a 6” ruler (sorry for the lousy picture, it’s hard to take a good one of shiny acrylic!)



on the 7th day of Christmas…..


7 Christmas candies




on the 8th day of Christmas…


8” Gingher Scissors




on the 9th day of Christmas…


9 feet of ribbon




on the 10th day of Christmas….


10 sewing needles




on the 11th day of Christmas…


11 Quilting tips






on the 12th day of Christmas….

12 Christmas buttons

(and I’m not sure if it’s the picture, or did I really sew on the bottom button crooked?  You’d thought I would have seen that!  It MUST be the picture!)