Tuesday, December 08, 2009

gone again, surfin' in more ways than one

here I sit, on a remote beach withOUT my camera patch cord to the computer. waahhh! I had all these great photos taken of what I was working on furiously before I left and a few of my new, temporary location. It was then that I realized that I grabbed a different bag at the last minute for my computer, leaving my cord behind. And we all know how boring it is to read a blog with no pictures. :( so........I will share a bit where I've been surfin...

I have found a new way to surf all the blogs I so love to read...on the ellyptical!! the only thing is that I have a hard time typing, so I just lurk. And I have found a whole new category to 'nose' around...besides all the wonderful quilty blogs I love so well, here are a few new ones I've been enjoying...

http://www.thriftydecorchick.com/ she made this wonderful wreath, copied off someone, who copied off someone else and then I copied as well! In fact, I made 3 of them so far! But boy, did you notice that the stores sure don't have the stockpile of inventory they used to have. Ornaments are almost gone already and "fagidabout" finding any greenery. I guess the stores don't want to get stuck with excess inventory they have to beg people to take at season's end. I guess there won't be a lot of after Christmas sales on this stuff.

http://www.asoftplacetoland.net/ I'm not participating, but go check out all the wonderful links as these talented ladies share their decorating styles and projects. WARNING: please allow LOTS of time as you could lost for a very, very long time checking them all out. Don't say I didn't warn ya!

http://www.oneprettything.com/ a wonderful blog that scours the internet for all kinds of DIY projects, from kids stuff, sewing things, paper projects and so much more. There's not just one link per day but 20!! ANOTHER place that you could spend a very long time!
and so now I leave you lots time to waste spend seeing so many creative women share their talents.