Friday, December 11, 2009

where in the world am I?

Yesterday was an awesome day, snorkeling at 3 different sites and driving around, taking in the scenery and a visit into town. I belong here.....they LOVE color! Houses are all different colors and I mean BOLD colors! I wish I could have stopped and took pictures at each new exciting color I saw. Makes for a long trip when you do that, so I was only allowed a few. But I did get to stop and take pictures of REAL pink flamingoes, in their natural habitat....not at a zoo, a hotel, just in their natural living habitat. I had to go through a bit of a marshy area to get even decently close and if I weren't such a pansy, I'd have gotten closer. But, those pictures are to come later, when I get home to that dang computer cord. The pictures I'm going to share are from websites dedicated to this place as well as freebie fish pictures. I spent over an hour and a half sorting through 1000's of photos, trying to find those of the fish I DID see on my little snorkeling excursions. These are just a few that I saw. Blogger is being onery today and so I'll stop here. But great day, just a great day.
So, anyone know where I am?