Sunday, November 21, 2010

I'm going on a mouse hunt....

(sung to the tune of "I'm going on a Manhunt") 

And it's not going to be pretty!

I was showing some students some of my quilts and pulled out my Grandma's quilt, a hexagon quilt made in the 1940's.

 I had my Amish friend hand quilt each and every hexagon, and she did a wonderful job.

 As I opened the quilt, my friend asked what something was and as I looked as to what she was pointing, I almost fainted! A mouse had made itself a nice cozy little nest!

 I was sick! It was the bottom quilt in a huge stack of quilts. I quickly checked all the rest of the quilts, and no other quilts were bothered, at all. This was the only one done with a polyester batting and all the others had Warm and Natural batting. Think that was the difference? I could just cry.. Any other quilt I could duplicate or had no real sentimental value. It just sits on my table right now, looking so sad.

I have no idea how to fix it without it being obvious. I do have some vintage fabric, but nothing close to what is in there. Am I better off making a new (using old fabric) hexagon flower?

 Or trying to get fabric as close as possible and just replacing the chewed ones? It's such a beautiful quilt and is so valuable to me as it's one of the few things that I have of my Grandma's.

All I can say is that that little bugger better watch out because I'm going to set traps ALL over the place and catch him and the whole family! And I know it's a him, cuz a female would just not do that.

Now I'm going to go cry some more.


Carol in E TN said...

Can you take pics of the hexagons that are involved? I can check my fabrics and see if I have anything similar. Isn't that what they would have done in the 30's?

Diana said...

I'd be willing to bet that someone has similar fabric and would be willing to share a bit of it to make a repair.

Becky said...

Is it just enough of the two blues to make a hexagon each? Could you post the sizes of fabric you need? I have some vintage fabrics to fix quilts of my DGM that I could look through. The fabrics seem familiar.

loulee said...

Rather than trying to blend in with the old fabrics, why not go completly the other way and make the repair obvious. You could add another label to the back telling the story.
What ever you do I hope you catch the lil buggar!

Susan said...

Oh no - what a pest - in more ways than one. Try matching it first with all those offers - else I would do the whole flower and applique it over the top (after fumigating it I think - mice have a very yucky smell!)
Sending big hugs to help you get over it.