Saturday, November 13, 2010

You'll never guess what I found!!

A fabric store!! That sells cotton fabric! YeeHaw!

After we returned from our tour, the day was still a bit too cloudy to enjoy laying at the pool, so we set out on a shopping trip.  And guess what I found?????!!!!!!!!! A fabric shop!! with Cotton fabric!

It looked like a white goods shop with towels, sheets, shower curtains, etc.  As I peered into the shop, I thought I saw stacks of fabric. BINGO!  I asked if they had 100% cotton fabric, he indicated he did not know English (a common thing here--I thought they would know more English--hmm. geez, like I should know THEIR language--I know, bad on our part), but when I spoke slowly..he said no.   Oh well, I'll still look. And as I was looking at the signs, it was a bit hard to tell.

But feeling some of the fabric, I thought it might be cotton.  I looked at the tag on the bolt and sure enough, it was 100% Algodao .

  I was sure hoping that meant cotton! LOL  Looking at other tags, I did read polyester, elastica, etc. So I was assuming it was cotton.  AND was made in Brazil. (note: when I got back, I looked it up on my translator, and sure enough, it did mean cotton! woohoo!)  One of the big things I look for when buying fabric in another country, is that I want it to be FROM there, not imported from America! And this was made in Brazil.

 Obviously this was not a quilt shop, but I did find a few pieces I could use.  And the one I loved (hmm...looked a lot like a Kaffe Fassett fabric) was double wide! (it's the one of the bottom if you can't tell).  I thought it would be a great backing for something, so asked for 3 yards, the gentleman kept pointing to the price, like he was asking, do you know how much this is?  LOL  Yes, not cheap, but certainly in line with what I normally pay.

I have a couple ideas in mind with what I got, the black/white prints are really a jacquard and I think I'll make a few purses/pouches with them.  The others? well, I'll think of something I'm sure.


O'Quilts said...

I have been to Rio beautiful...never looked at fabric and I do not know why. So much fun!

Alycia said...

Love your fabrics!