Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Great Quilt Shop in Orlando!

I am in Orlando, with my hubby during our Anniversary week--Happy 36th Kirt!

He's working and I'm playing. Isn't that how it should be?  My friend, Joy, has a second house down here and happened to be here while we were visiting.  I spent a couple days with her and of course, HAD to find a quilt shop, somewhere!  She keeps raving about the closest quilt shop to her.  Guess what?  It IS great.

If you are down visiting Mickey (or Minnie), take time out to head out to The Quilt Place in Rockledge, FL (close to Cocoa Beach--about 40 minutes east of Orlando).

Wow!  That was my first thought when I walked in!  There were quilts hanging over all the fabric bolts,

panels of all kinds were on almost all the walls, numbered for easy reference.  They were individually bagged and hung by number so you could grab what you needed without having to get it cut.  Clever!

Fabric was sorted several ways,  there was a batik wall, drool....

generic fabrics (of sorts) were placed in color groupings,

stripes were together,

dots were together,

Kaffe Fassett and Amy Butler were neighbors

into Florida themed fabric?  All sorts of palm trees, flamingoes, alligators, maps and every other FL themed fabric were all together, making it easy to pull together a FL themed quilt, should you desire.

(sorry--not such a great photo..)

Christmas, holidays, juvenile were among more of the different sections.  I can't even remember all the sections they had.

Patterns were sorted by type and hung on a peg wall.  See a quilt hanging that you love?  Look in the first section of the patterns and it is there. So easy and smart!

Books..omigosh, were there books. A whole huge long row of them, several shelves worth.  I imagine if it's in print, they probably have it, although I didn't check!

Kits? Did I mention kits?  They had TONS of them and several were in the clearance section. One jumped in my arms, as if it needed rescued...what could I say?

Several of my photos did not turn out, as I didn't think to bring a camera with me. I left it at the hotel, thinking we were going to just make a quick quilt shop run.  So I had to resort to my phone camera, so although I took more photos, they didn't always turn out.  

What I didn't get:  the clearance section of fabric, and patterns.  The Long Arm quilting section--WOW!  They had 3 Gammills with Statler Stitchers constantly running.  One employee was in charge of loading the quilts, overseeing them, adding the zippers to load them, and anything related to the quilting of the quilts.  The quilts to be quilted (one facet of their business) hung along 2 walls, moving up the line as quilts were finished. What an operation!

I didn't even see the classroom, the place was too big and too much to see in a few hours! Yes, we were there 2 hours and I felt as if I could have stayed a few more hours.

All I can say is they have something for everyone.  AND they were very friendly!  I'll be back!

Thanks to Teresa, the owner, for allowing me to take photos of her FAN-TAB-U-LOUS store!  And no, I didn't get compensated for saying all this good stuff, I was just being real! :)

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Susan said...

Oh gosh - how jealous we all are here in Australi - to ahev a quilt shop THAT big - I now we dont have the population but I dont think there is anything here to rival that!!