Friday, March 16, 2007

back to business

for Kirt, not me. It was a LONG way away from Tahiti..15+ hours plane ride...we left our hotel at 1:00 AM on Friday morning for a 3:30 AM flight....we arrived at our final destination (we had one layover) at 4:30 PM on Saturday. Where on earth did we go?


*I don't speak the language
*it was a lot colder! bring on the jackets! and just two days ago I had sweat running down my legs!

*there are 19 MILLION people in the city alone, not counting the couple of million of people in EACH "suberb"

* it is a HUGE contrast to where we just were, from the culture....fewer trees....LOTS of cement....1000's of skyscapers for as far as you can see.......busy food.......everything from modern buildings to ancient villages......and more apartment buildings than I have ever seen, EVER! I think I saw where all 19 million people live!
Sewing on a treadle on the street...get your clothes repaired on the spot! We saw 3 treadle machines in one street block. Maybe that's the street to get repairs done?

A main form of transportation here, although I will have to admit I saw more cars than I imagined I would. The gas is very similar in price as the US, about $2.50/gallon. Most of the cars right now are taxis or private drivers. More and more people are learning to drive, as the economy keeps improving. Could be a BIG problem if ALL the people get cars here!How ON EARTH do you use this toilet? I was shown the restrooms and when I opened the door, there were two stalls with doors, both about chest much for privacy! And then when I opened the door to the stall--this is what I saw! I wanted to ask the gal for a demonstration on how to use it--but thought that would be in poor taste! I'm not a outdoorsy type gal--we go to the Hotel 6 when we want to 'camp'. So, I'm not the greatest one to pull down my pants and go to the bathroom--I end up with my pants all wet and my shoes full! I wasn't even sure which way to face using this! After a few minutes evaluating my options, I chose to remove my shoes, pants and underwear completely and squat down and prayed it all went in the porcelain bowl! I'm sure they would have had a kick out of seeing an American trying to use their toilets! Hope there were no cameras around watching!

Leave it to me to find a fabric shop! My escort (I was given an escort and a driver to show me around while Kirt had his business meetings) told me it was just all cotton--not silk. She kind of thumbed her nose at the notion this fabric didn't have silk, but yay! just what I wanted! However, at closer look at the fabric, it was all cotton, but they apparently hadn't heard of quilt shop quality in that little shop! Hmm, is this where Wal Mart shops for their fabric? and no, I didn't buy the fabric!


Lori (A.K.A. Elkhoundmom) said...

Looks like home to me. I'll guess China. Amazing that a country that produces so many textiles has so little of quilt quality!

Su Bee said...

I have to guess, and I'm close to lori - Taiwan or Taipei? what great pictures - love the little fabric shop. How can anyone resist?

Happy Valley Quilter said...

Very Asian toilet. My DD spent six weeks in Japan last summer and that's what she found too. :-)

Clare said...

We call them Turkish toilets over here. The are still installed in the rest rooms on the auto routes and I hate them! DD prefers to hang on until we find a decent loo than use those.

I'm guessing China too, though wherebouts I don't know.