Friday, March 09, 2007

I'm on the run to ??

Very good guesses to all of you--and sorry Ruth to throw you off track! That was great you recognized the So. Africa penguins! We hit the road again and went so far that the internet was a novelty (well, almost), so had no opportunity to get on. But I had a great time! I'm on the run again but first, where was I?

*loved the baguettes and croissants

*this is where tattoos originated

* it is known at "the Pearl of the Pacific"

* we were on a 'motu'
This is what we saw off our deck on a daily basis--it's a sting ray and we saw 3 adults and 1 baby one every day. The last night we were there I saw a HUGE one that was the color of sand. My arm span wasn't as large as it was. I tried to rush in to grab my hubby to see it, but I forgot I closed the door and ran into it really hard! I about knocked myself out! Therefore, he missed it. And he also missed my sighting of a Lemon Shark--it was early in the morning and he swore I must have been hallucinating when I told him that I saw a yellow/ yellow green shark, about 5 foot long. Turns out I did see a Lemon Shark--he's sorry he missed that one too!

I'm still plugging away on those little Scottish Dogs. I have to report though that one of them must have loved the place so well, he hid before we left, so he is now a permament resident of this beautiful place! (actually, a huge storm blew through the middle of the night and we had the doors and windows open--and away it went!)


Vicky said...

Now, THAT'S how I want to sit and applique! Beautiful pictures and stories of your adventures. Keep 'em coming!


ruth said...

I'm officially green with envy. It looks like a wonderful trip.