Friday, March 16, 2007

French Polynesia

Tahiti and Bora Bora to be exact.....we spent the quickest 6 days of our lives there....oh what a place! It was a nice relaxing getaway for hubby and me. Our trip to Hawaii was business for him and the week after is all business. But in the meantime, he was forced to relax-his Crackberry, oops, I meant his Blackberry did not work! Internet was sketchy at best in the business office, so what else to do but enjoy the natural beauty around us. I took in so many images in my mind--the camera is a poor substitute sometimes when the sites you see are beyond comprehension. It was quite inspiring, from the shades of blue and blue green of the sea, the sand, the buildings, the mountains. And designs could be found in everything from flowers to the ceiling of bamboo to the carved molding around the ceiling. My mind was on overload thinking of all the possible quilts I could create.

This was a really neat plant--the leaves look like small iris leaves, BUT they were green on one side and the coolest purple on the other side. I don't know what the name of that plant, but it sure was pretty. This was called "franjepan" or something like that. I have it written down somewhere! It was a little hard to understand them, although owned by the French, the Polynesians had a unique language of their own. It smelled wonderful and I can see a quilt border full of these beautiful flowers. Not only was this the coolest place to take a nap, we discovered that they are from our own Pawley's Island! We knew the hammock shop in SC (where we have a home) were the original hammock makers, it was fun to see them so far away!


1. For a wonderful, beautiful world God has created

2. the scent of tropical flowers

3. thankful for travel opportunities that may happen once in a lifetime

I have more pictures to post, but blogger decided it had enough, so more later...


Mary said...

How beautiful! Keith and I are going to Hawaii the beginning of April - I'm sure I'll be wishing that his Blackberry would be without service. This will be the first trip in quite a while that isn't business related or just a stolen day or two. He won't know how to act with 10 days off.

Fiona said...

That just looks so idyllic - wish I could step into the computer screen and be there on the beach!

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

It is a Frangipani. I have one in my garden which is a dark pink colour. We also have the purple and green plant here - can't think of the name.

Happy Valley Quilter said...

Such beautiful pictures. I can almost smell the fresh flowers and salt air!