Friday, March 16, 2007

Hats off to Hector

Hector is a former Marine that we recently met while we were on vacation. We noticed him and his wife as she gently lowered him to the steps to the lagoon from his wheelchair. He looked like a strapping young man (late 20's) and we thought perhaps an accident has rendered him paralyzed. We later met them in the pool and it turns out he was a Marine that had been injured in Iraq in 2003. He was thrown from his tank and then a truck fell on his lower legs and feet, crushing them. He spent the next year in the hospital and since 2003, has endured 17 surgeries, with a few more coming. His attitude was upbeat and positive. His wife was only his girlfriend of a few months at the time. And now they were on their honeymoon. He still works for the Marines, as a social worker working with soldiers who have post tramatic stress disorder. A few days later I remembered to ask him if he had received a quilt during his hospital stay from the Quilts of Valor, and he did. Not just one, but two. And he SO appreciated them. So, hats off to all those that contribute to this worthy cause--they are very much appreciated. What a small thing we can do for those that have suffered for our country. I hope to be able to start contributing to that group in the near future. I had thought about it before and this was the push that I needed. I donate to other groups, but this one just got bumped up the list. There are quite a few of our ring members that make quilts for this organization--thanks to all of you!

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Happy Valley Quilter said...

Hats off to Hector, indeed! Thanks for sharing his story.