Tuesday, August 12, 2008

City vs. Country

I was just reading Judy's blog and she was talking about how she was happy living in her little town vs. the 'concrete' jungle. There are pros and cons living in the city vs. the country and both sides could be argued equally. I'm just glad that we each have our preferences and can live where we want--usually. :) I love the benefits of living in the city where I could ride my bike everywhere and being so close to so many things. The country gives you lots of privacy, room to grow gardens (okay--so I can't living with so many trees), etc. I've done both and I have to admit I like my privacy, space, and trees. I walked outside and took pictures to show you what I see each day. I love the way it changes during the seasons. Fall is my absolute favorite and we're lucky to have maple trees in our yard that are just brilliant. This is a view from my side porch, looking north.

This is a view as I'm walking out back and kind of on the right.(my studio is unseen on the left--hmm...is that the same thing as invisible? LOL) This is south east...No sunrises seen here--just filtered through the trees. Good thing I'm not an early bird, heehee.Looking south at the side yard......see the hot tub? I love sitting in it late at night, looking up at the stars with the trees surrounding the view. It looks better than I'm describing it for sure. I've tried taking photos of it, but I'm a rank amateur and the pictures never turn out. If only I could capture what I see!

Now I'm standing in line with the hot tub, but facing west....this was taken at 6:30 at night in August--loving the shade! You can faintly see the road in front with the field beyond that. This is the farmer's year to get paid for 'not raising' crops. Hmm..I want to be in that business! LOL Just joking, I know farmers have a tough way to go, we have several farmer friends and know the hardships they face with weather, etc. The sunsets can be so awesome, and I'm awake for those!!

Now I'm standing at the corner of the house, facing northwest--nothing but fields and trees, no matter where you look. We do have neighbors on both sides of us, but the trees are so thick , you can't see their houses. And although we love our neighbors, it's a good thing their house is blocked from view, if you know what I mean. ;) My point? ha ha ha none really--I am postponing what I really should be doing. My new teaching season kicks off next week with an Open House and I'm a little farther behind that I should be. I should be out there finishing class samples, taking pictures, writing class descriptions and supply lists, updating my website. I may have to leave some things off the schedule since I am wondering if I can get it all done now. Hmmm, maybe I should have stayed home more this summer, ya think? But I had so much fun. And since I've been gone so much, I wanna see what everyone in blogland has been up to and I've been reading more blogs than I should be reading right now. Okay, enough blabbering and off to work I go! I know, I do have a point! Enjoy where you live and know that differences are good. :)

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Sweet P said...

What wonderful views you have around your home. I hope you share the fall colors when they appear.