Friday, August 08, 2008

Home again and Stained Glass DONE!!

Ahhh, it's nice to go away but it's also nice to come back home. I've been gone for almost 5 weeks with a brief visit after 1 1/2 weeks, so a lot of catching up to do. I only turned the computer once while in SC--too much to do. I'll just recap some of the highlights over the past weeks...

Quilt Group retreat--

At the end of the week---lots of projects done (well for some--I made a vow that my Stained Glass quilt WOULD be done--at least I have another week to work on it when they go home.),

lots of pool/beach/sun time and a couple of visits to a local quilt shop, Quilter's Cottage in Murrell's Inlet who was having a GREAT sale--50% off a lot of newer fabric. Caused this gal to jump off the no buying wagon a little bit. be fair I had store credit for doing some sewing for her, and I HAD to spend it, right? LOL

What you do when you are too tuckered to even sew anymore, you lay on your quilt, lest someone takes it! and the flip flops? well, the pile just kept growing during the week!

And this darn quilt has been a on-going (slow) project since 2002. I thought I would make a block each time I went their. Well, I only had 8 blocks done and I thought, at this rate it will never get done! I had too much invested in it, especially those fusible bias tapes--11 packages of them! I vowed that this summer would be the year I got this done. Not terribly hard to do, but VERY time consuming, especially the prep time. Then I chose to do it QAYG (Quilt As You GO) and had to make a few adjustments to accomodate that and had to be creative when my center block ended up 1/2" short because of the quilting. I spent the week after my quilt group left (one did stay with me--so it was nice to have company while doing the tedious work) and I got it done!! AND as soon as hubby arrived with the kids, I had him hang it. Wow--what a HUGE UFO done!


Lynne in Hawaii said...

Karen, the stained glass quilt is awesome! You can see the work you put in. I too hate the ooopppsies while making a quilt. It is amazing to me how we are able to come up with salvage solutions AND NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW! (unless you tell everyone! LOL) Glad your back.

Tazzie said...

My goodness Karen, your stained glass quilt has taken my breath away. Simply stunning!

Susan said...

The stained glass quilt is beautiful! I like the one being slept on is colors I could live with easily. =)

Chantal said...

This staines glass quilt is more than awesome , more than beautifull . You did a great job on it .
greetings from Belgium

Beth said...

This is one of the most beautiful quilts I've ever seen! You need to enter this Paducah or Houston!

Mary said...

It's beautiful Karen, I'm sure this is one UFO that you're glad to have finished and up on the wall.

Angelcat said...

I found my way here from a link on Vickis blog, your stained glass quilt is stunning!

Lindsay Jean said...

I quite agree with your other commenters, that stained glass piece is an amazing quilt! Is it from a pattern I can find in stores or is it from your own genius brain? If so, would you consider publishing a pattern?

Just lovely - the center block works so well with all the others, it's a very cohesive look.