Saturday, August 15, 2009

Announcing a new addition to the family

I'm sorry to say that 'Zoe', as my HQ16 was affectionally known, has been adopted by another quilter who promised to treat her well. Normally when adding more to the family, you just find love and room for the next one. But unfortunately, when your new addition takes up to 18 feet, you must get rid of one. she is, our newest addition to our family....Chloe..........the newest longarm in the market, by Handiquilter..the Fusion. And baby, is she a nice one! And behaves SO nicely. I'm in love already. She arrived at the end of May and I only got to do one quilt on her before I had to leave for my trips, so I've been making up time since I've been home. I actually got 5 quilt tops quilted in the last couple of weeks. I had grandiose ideas of doing one every day. Well, that sounds good, if you had nothing else in your life to do! LOL I even got the bindings sewn on and hand stitched down. I'm working on the last one. (edit. note: I wrote this in July, but didn't have pictures, so didn't post it. It's now August and I'm FINALLY back home and have gotten one more quilt done. But next week.....will be the week to crank them out!)

I vowed I didn't need a bigger machine, but when I saw them in Paducah with a lot of new features, I thought I'd just to ahead and take the plunge. The only thing was that I had to put her in my classroom (that really does have a lot of space). So had to do some rearranging of cupboards and tables, but it all works. And I'm glad to say that I did not make a mistake.

The good thing is that it loads just like the old one, so all the people who rented Zoe, will be able to transition well to Chloe. And they are going to love her....

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libertythreads said...

Congrats Karen, would love to see some of your quilting in person!