Monday, August 17, 2009

samples and more samples

I was a busy little bee in SC, AFTER the grandkids left, working on new samples for my upcoming fall class schedule. I realized I needed to get back into a little more basic quilts for the newer quilters and let them develop some confidence in their quilting skills before forging ahead. I showed the Fall Rail Fence, then here is another one that used Christmas fabric. I hope I can make some kits up in I have a LOT of Christmas fabric that would be good to be OUT of MY closet and into someone else's! haha

This is not a beginner's quilt with all the Half Square Triangles, but one that that has been on my list to do for quite some time. I love the color combination and you are starting to see it a lot more. The 40-50's retro kitchen colors. I had seen one done similar and decided to just do it. Do you see the homespun in the close up? I was purging a closet of clothes from, gosh, 10-15 years ago. Remember the homespun jumper days? I loved them and made them in all colors. Actually, in reality I think it was when I had started gaining weight and it was a great cover up! LOL Anyway, I decided to put a little piece of my past into this quilt.


Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

I like your Christmas rails - a setting you don't see often. Same with the zigzag quilt, but I've been seeing some zz popping up here and there. All good things come back in style - right down to retro kitchen colors! I don't think the kitchen colors I grew up with will EVER come back in style!!! I am the era of gold and orange and avacado appliances, LOL! My Nana had white formica kitchen table with red vinyl chairs with chrome. I was so sad when she re-did the kitchen and went "modern" - her old stuff would be a real classic now and of course, it was in excellent shape when she got rid of it, sigh.

Shasta said...

The zig zag quilt is beautiful. It's now on my to do list.