Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I love the night life...

NYC at night--what a hustling, bustling place! We went to see 9 to 5 on Broadway, Allison Janney from West Wing was one of the leads and did a great job, it was really good. I'm glad we saw it as the last show is Sept. 6. I was afraid my dress wasn't 'dressy' enough, but I seemed to be one of the more dressed up people there! I was a little surprised. I figured that most would be dressed to the 'nines', but that must have gone by the wayside as well. Remember when people used to dress nice to travel by air? Those days are gone too, you wouldn't believe how many people (usually the younger ones) that had pj's on! Oh well, off subject..

I did find the City Quilter, a quilt shop in Manhattan and about a 20 minute walk from my hotel, fairly close to the garment district. Go figure! And it was constantly turning over people, lots of foreigners from the sounds of them. It was a little bit weird though to have to be 'buzzed' into the store. I'm sure for their protection. It was more contemporary, urban store but not a lot of Kaffe or Amy Butler type of fabric. More retro stuff and Japenese fabrics. Lots of embellishments, wool and silk ribbon, buttons. It's always fun to check out the quilt shops in different parts of the country to get a feel for what is popular in that region. The best thing was that they had a nice selection of NY fabric. I spent a lot of time debating what to get. The first was scenes from NYC and I thought I'd make a tote bag or something. The second one I got was Hoffman Batik, made exclusively for them. So you can't get it anywhere else ( I suppose you could call them and order it) and it was the Statue of Liberty. I'm not sure what I'll do with it, but it will come to me.

On Sunday night, we went to a comedy club--BIG mistake. We should have realized when we entered and had to head to the basement, it seemed a big 'rough'. I realize that adult people like a little more adult humor, but most of them had profanity that just did not add anything to their monologue. In fact, they would not have been funny had they left it out. The last comedian we saw sang songs about how fun it is to beat up women, picked on the mentally handicapped people and the last song was about Chris Reeves. We finally got up and walked out. He said early on it was just joking..that he really doesn't beat up women or rape puppies, so don't email him. They are just jokes. I guess I don't get his style jokes and in fact, don't think any of those issues were something to joke about. Kind of a bummer on our last night there. But it was fun to see all the crowds of people at midnight. The place was mobbed. I guess someone forgot to tell everyone their was a recession going on. In fact, most of this summer has been like that. There are more people at the beaches than ever. I can't believe they all were international travelers before and are now staying closer to home .I was happy to see the throngs of people though.


Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

My sister used to live in NYC and I always enjoyed visiting her, but I like living in the country (most the time anyway, but being 3 hours to the closest stores - including Wal-Mart - is a bit of a pain!). Sounds like you had a good time. I like TV comedians because they are pre-screened for you and you get the best of the best usually! Remember when Bill Crosby had comedian tapes - they were soooo funny! My 6 year old son is always announcing very loudly that someone or another forgot to get dressed that day in stores, etc - how can people wear PJ's out? I love dresses that I can just pop on and have plans to make a few more - those 1950's housewives knew a thing or two about dressing - and dresses are much cooler in the heat than t-shirts, that is for sure! In anycase, NYC is always fun!

chele said...

Some commedians don't get it that the subject matter and language is just offensive, not funny. Glad you had fun. I always wanted to go but never like crowds and Randy wouldn't go. Having a friend go and share her fun is the next best thing. You go, girl. Glad it was fun. The best part would have been the garment district and play for me. Always have wanted to go to garment district and a quilt shop no less. How cool is that?