Sunday, December 12, 2010

I love my new Christmas tree

We sure have our stories about Christmas trees and the havoc they sometimes throw at us. But I'll spare you the details.  You're welcome.

After our last bad round with a real tree, I went out and bought a huge tree for a lot of money, figuring it would last us the rest of our lifetimes.  And it would have.  Only after 16 years of putting up the 3 hour tree, messing with the lights that never work from year to year and spending a fortune when I want to change the decor of the tree because it's so big, all for 2 people, we were done. You have served us well. Anyone want to buy a beautiful tree? :)

we bought a new one.  A slim one.  Still 9' tall, but only 36" wide, not 6 foot. And it's prelit. Wunderbar! It looked a little miserly at first, sitting in front of the big bay window, not even coming close to filling up the space.

But then.....we noticed, we didn't have to rearrange the whole room...just move one chair.  And buying new ornaments, etc for it didn't cost us an arm and a leg,

 and best of all, it only took an omelet to get it up. ??

  I started an omelet for K as he was taking the tree out of the box.  When I was done with the omelet, the tree was up and lit and DONE! So, we are in love with our newly slimmed down tree. Think it would work for me? Buy a new version? in my dreams....LOL

and you realize of course, having a new tree, meant a few new ornaments and baubles?  Little did I know that the relatively few I bought about filled the I'm really in love...........

don't you love this little bird...with just a tiny bit of aqua on an otherwise white/cream still my heart...

I wish it were dark all day long (okay, not really) but don't you just love sitting in a house with all the lights turned off except the Christmas tree.....sipping some hot cocoa....listening to Christmas music....basking in the glow of the tree...

and I leave you with this sign...isn't it the best?  And best of all, it was less than $12!  eighteen25 had a FREE printable jpg, (it only costs $5.99 to print a 16x20 photo at Costco) and a $5.00 Walmart frame that I spray painted aqua and voila! 


Carol in E TN said...


Joyce said...

I could have written this post. Told my hubby that I'm done messing with strings of lights and moving all my furniture around to fit a large tree. Next year, I'm doing what you did!

Susan said...

I love trees with just one color decorations - and yes a dark room - tree ligts, candles, coffee - Christmas music - lovely - or we often watch Christmas Carol concerts on TV.
Enjoy your Christmas and hope you find a lovely home for your big tree!