Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Saying good bye to a dear friend

Ted, my friend from the Netherlands, came over to the memorial service of her dear friend Lois Ide's husband. Lois has been Ted's quilt mentor and quilt 'mom' since meeting in Austria in 1988. Lois is 91 and has has been slipping in health over the last few years, so Ted thought this might be the last time she might see Lois. After the service, Ted and Lois said their final goodbyes. It was heart wrenching to watch two dear friends for so many years close the chapter on an important part of their lives.

This was Monday after the service. I took Ted back to the airport yesterday (Tues.), and she called this morning to say that when she arrived home that she had a message that Lois had passed away.

So, here's to you Lois--may you rest in peace with your dear Savior and be reunited with your husband. You will be missed.

to Ted, may your friendship with Lois live on in your heart.


Carol in E TN said...

So sorry to hear of Lois passing away. It was a privilege to meet her several years ago when I was there to see Ted's quilt.

Caron said...

I'm so, so sorry to hear about Lois. Lois was a dear, sweet woman who was extremely generous in her knowledge of quilting, religion and life. I became penpals with Lois back in the early 1980's when I was working on my first book. Each year since 1984, we hang 4 white stuffed dove ornaments that Lois made our family on our Christmas tree. This year, Lois and her husband will celebrate the birthday of Jesus with Him in heaven.