Thursday, December 23, 2010

Winter Wonderland Party

  I love hosting parties, especially with a theme. It makes it so much easier to decorate, come up with a menu and all the little extras.  I like doing it for my family, but doing it for special quilting friends is the best of all. I want to thank my students each year by serving them a great meal and with all the little extras that make it special.

We started off with an ugly FQ swap, playing a game with the RIGHT family story. Whatever UGLY FQ you ended up with was yours. We found out that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but some were just plain ugly!

Next was a pretty FQ swap, this time played Chinese style (you can pick a gift to open OR pick someone else's gift).  There was a lot of swapping going on!

We also played a game, swapping little gifts. It was a fun time. Then we moved over to the house for lunch. 

Winter Wonderland Party Theme

My menu was mostly white things...and forgot to take pictures when I put the food out. Too much to remember!

 Winter Wonderland Party Menu
Crudites and Dip
Beefy Cheeseball and Crackers
Sip of Shrimp Bisque
Main Course:
Creamy Baked Chicken
Fluffy Steamed Rice
Winter Veggie Salad
Frosty Grapes
Homemade Rolls
Coconut Cream Cake
Velvety Cake Balls
Afternoon Tea:
Dutch Almond Pastry
Vanilla Chai Tea

Tables were set with a silvery blue ribbon run down through the center of the table. I placed 3 mirrors along the ribbon, spaced evenly.  I placed clear vases filled with aqua, soft blue, silver and white ornaments of different sizes on the mirrors. I also picked small tree limbs up in the woods and painted them white and put in the vases with the ornaments.  Filling up the rest of the ribbon space were little tea lights. 

I used silver charger plates and my blue snowflake plates. I placed a white napkin on each plate, fluffing it up, trying to resemble a cloud.  At each place setting, I gave each guest a small favor of a clear ornament with a feather inside, with a little poem attached:

The Legend of the Feather
I am the Angel Feather
Sent from God above
To serve as a reminder
Of His precious love. 
I'm from your Guardian Angel, 
That the Lord assigned to you.
She dropped it in her struggles
As she protected you. 
Each time you almost stumble,
Each time you nearly fall, 
Thank God and all his angels
For answering your call. 

This was set up in our great room, right off our kitchen. I just moved a few chairs to the side and set up tables in front of the tree. 

sorry--the photo turned out a bit dark. But did you notice outside? There is snow out there as well! 

Beverage Center
I had Artic Freeze (aka Blue Hawaiin Punch!) and Hypnotiq.  Not only is it a yummy fruity girly type of drink, isn't the color to die for?  It fit perfectly in my theme! I also had a pitcher of ice water, but how exciting is that?  :)

Dessert Table

My prize winning Coconut Cream Cake, along with Bakerella's Velvety Cake Pops, Buckeyes, White Chocolate Dipped Pretzels along with assorted chocolate candies rounded out the meal (and us!). 

 Living and loving it!

Later in the day, I served my most favorite Christmas recipe, Bonquet, (aka Dutch almond pastry--or also known as Dutch letters) and Vanilla Chai Tea for Afternoon Tea, in case anyone was hungry. They weren't, but they still ate it! Funny how we are, isn't it?

 Thanks to all my wonderful students for allowing me the opportunity to teach you quilting all year and then serve you!

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Susan said...

Oh my golly gosh - when are you moving here so I can be a student and you can serve me??? I am sure all your students are very grateful - the table looks gogeous - the food sounds very interesting and intriguing and the colour coordination is astounding!! If only we had snow for Christmas in Australia!!