Saturday, September 10, 2011

Annual Quilt Retreat in Pawley's Island-Day 1

Again, we are down here in Pawley's for our retreat and if I remember right, it's supposed to be a Quilt retreat...but we seem to be doing a lot of other things as well!  This year, instead of having a week long project, I only planned fun little projects for each day.  They make cute gifts, so gave a lot of the ladies ideas for Christmas gifts.  I'll share what we have been doing all's not all about quilting  :)

Project of the Day: Shell Collector Bags

Shell Collector Bag
--of course we had to make these being at the beach!  Made with screen door mesh, they are a quick project to make for kids..even the big kids at heart.
Dinner of the Day: Lasagna
no picture--but I bet you can image it in your mind :)

Adventure of the Day:

Alligator Hunting! 
There is a huge pond near our condo here that always have several alligators in them. It's right behind my parents house and this past spring, a 10 footer ate the neighbor's dog!  So, at night, we went and stood on the bridge and shined a huge spotlight over the water to look for their eyes. If you catch them at the right angle, they were a spooky red!  We saw 3 that night. Unfortunately, the big ones were far away and not having a night camera, the only picture we took was of a baby alligator. See the little, itty bitty white dot?  That is his eye. It appeared to be about 3-4 foot gator.  Just a baby.  Of course, we were really brave.....standing on the bridge......looking over at them!

Other Memories:

Gotcha Elizabeth!

Visiting Ladies
We had several surprise visits from 'friends' in low places....need I say more?  LOL

This is going to be wild and crazy week. 

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