Monday, September 19, 2011

Day #5 of Quilt Retreat

Day #5 of Retreat

Project of the Day:
Stitchin' on Island Time Clock


Hot Fish Club in Murrell's Inlet

The Girls of 2011 Pawley's Island Retreat

Adventure of the Day:
Sunrise at the beach

Loggerhead Turtle Nest Reveal

We happened to choose the right day to watch the sunrise! Not only did we have a beautiful view of the sun with no cloud cover, but it was the 4th day after the Loggerhead turtles left the nest. And that is when they dig up the nests to see how many turtles hatched and how many did not make it.  We didn't get to see any turtles though. :(  But it was kind of fun to be there.


Some girls couldn't get enough seafood, so they ate out at lunch as well.  There were a few extra 'ladies' hanging out so we offered their lonely machines to them.  They didn't do so well. :)

and so the retreat is winding down.  One group is leaving in the morning, leaving 4 of us for one more day. So all our projects are done.  wow..does time fly when you are having fun or what?  

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