Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Quilt Retreat Day #3

Day #3 of the Quilt Retreat

Project of the Day:
Sewing Machine Covers

Elizabeth's Sewing Machine Cover

Pot Roast**
no photo..but the most yummy roast. And easy too!  Just plop a 3# roast into a slow cooker, mix a package of dried onion soup, a can of whole cranberry sauce and 3/4 cup french dressing and pour it over the roast. Cook on low for 8-10 hours. Fall apart goodness. It makes a bit of a gravy, so it's great served over mashed potatoes, noodles or rice. 

Adventure of the Day:
Crashing the Beach Crab Party......

Notice the time...and how dark it is outside..that's because it is 2AM in the MORNING!
 and we left at that time!

 We went to the beach at low tide....which happened to be at 2 AM!  We were hoping to find lots of great shells and some really wanted to find sand dollars, but we ended up crashing what appeared to be a Crab Party!  They were everywhere...scrambling to hide from our lights.  It was actually quite comical.  

 We also found other creatures as well....sea urchins...

 on the search...and boy was it didn't venture too far away from the group without a flashlight. Who knows what you would have stepped on!

 And what on earth is this crazy thing?  It appeared to be hollow, filled with air. Some type of creature...someone told us it was just some type of seaweed..but it didn't look like that either. Any ideas?

Round One of Quilt Shops


Both places were kind to us crazy ladies!


Random ladies make their appearance again

Someone asked if this was really a quilt we seem to be doing everything BUT sewing. But here's proof.  It seemed like most of our sewing was done in the weeeee hours of the morning. 

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Nichole said...

That black thing you found is a mermaid purse, which is an egg case of a skate's eggs. Fun stuff - but you are brave to run around the beach at night. I'm always scared of stepping on who knows what.