Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Staying for a few days in PI

After all the girls left from the retreat, I stayed on for a few more days.  I THOUGHT it was to rest! HA!  I.....
......went to a great church service on 9/11/11 asking us to 'Remember'
......had iPad lessons with my parents all afternoon and evening
......had lunch with a new friend (our fearless tour leader to Israel) and had a GREAT Crab Quiche at The Chive Blossom in Pawley's Island

Crab Quiche

......spent the day doing errands with banks, electric companies, etc. 
......spruced up the condo and fixed things
......had lunch with my neighbor--thanks Martha!

 .....had dinner with my good friend, Marilyn and her quilt group and then learned how to do locker hooking!  Something that's been on my list to learn. Thanks Donna for your great lessons!

 And look at Donna's curtains in her sewing room...too cute!

Donna's Curtains

and then I had to leave! Whew! I needed to head home to finally rest.  I did stop at a few antique malls along the way.  I'll post more later on my newest thing I'm collecting, but I just had to share these things.  

Cute tablerunner....not so cute price.. $185!  AND it was called a Double Wedding Ring runner! Just your chuckle for the day. 

and one final photo...

hello? Vintage? does that mean I'm vintage? These were my FIRST canisters when I was first married! AAACCCKKK!  And someone might want these?  Ah..the days of Avocado Green and Harvest Gold and that orange!

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