Sunday, January 01, 2012

one little word...

this is my 'one little word' this year. Do you do that?  I started a few years 2010 it was JOY (as in  I choose JOY), 2011 brought FOCUS ( and I didn't do so well!! LOL) and thought I would do it again.  I really don't like to make resolutions, but instead have a word to help focus my intention of the direction I want to head in my life.


My mind--reading more. My body--overall health. My soul--continuing growing closer to God. Family--being a positive influence in my family, especially the grankids lives. Community--giving back to others. Imagination--getting the creative juices flowing again  (how do you like the little logo I created above?)

Another thing I would like to do is participate in the Project 365...taking a picture a day.  I'm a little worried about that all sounds so good, but come March, will I fade away?  I really wish I could stick to something...anything...more than a few months.  I get so distracted, unmotivated, forgetful or whatever you call my lack of stick-to-it-ness(is that a word?) that I never finish out the year.

Why is it that a New Year feels like you get to start over fresh?  Something about a new year that wants you to be able to start that new diet, renew your gym membership, start that Read the Bible in a year program, or any other self improvement project.  

Whatever the reason, I'm hoping that announcing it publicly will keep more on track..for my sake. I know you all have your own issues! LOL  So..wish me luck!

This is Day ONE of the new year and yes, I did take my photo. I don't think I'll post them everyday, maybe in 1 week batches.  In keeping with my new word of the year, I need to start NOURISHing my body and the first thing is getting more rest! So took a photo of my bed!  Hubby made a comment about how much better I looked while on bags under the eyes because I was getting more sleep.  Guess I should get off the computer earlier. I hate to admit it, but surfing' the net keeps me up in the later hours of the evening.

Nourishing my creativity will hopefully get me back into a more regular schedule of quilting. I went more days than not last year of sewing and it was almost always for something other than for me. Not that I don't like creating for others, but nurturing my own creative urges makes me happy.

And in all this, I hope to be a bit better blogger.  I miss it.

Here's to a BRAND NEW YEAR!


Carol said...

I love your's wonderful! Looking forward to your pictures...Here's to 2012...may it be everything you hope for!

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog looking through Pinterest at snowmen quilts. =)

Anyway, I was blessed by your New Year's Post....I think I can relate in many ways. Thanks for just never know who might be reading! =)

God bless you in the New Year!