Sunday, January 15, 2012

Project 365- Week 2

Week 2 of 2012
I decided that I would try to do Project 365 this year.  I have been sporadic about taking photos, kind of a feast or famine thing.  I'm hoping that my picture quality will improve.  But more important to record our daily life, as it is.  So when we look back, we can see what our life looked like. Very real. Not perfect.

I haven't gotten Week 1 compiled yet. I made the mistake of using 3 different cameras.

iPhone 4s

So thought I would share the end of Week 2.  It's really hard to narrow down your photos to just ONE per day! Some days I would have several and then other (lots of other) days, I would have one.
Canon sd1300is
Week 2 had me finishing up a big tournament that my hubby holds and I have to feed staff/coaches and I had just a small plate of brownies left over. It has become synonymous with the tournament. Tournament = lots of fudge brownies.  :)  Picture 1
Nikon d90

Then I headed to my daughter's to watch the 3 youngest grandkids for 9 days while they all traveled to Europe. My Mom came up to help so it's been fun!  Pictures 2,3,4,5

By Saturday night, we were a bit whipped. Mom went to bed at the same time the kids did, and I was too pooped to do anything but cruise through Pinterest.  Picture 6

Sunday was a beautiful sunny, yet cold day.  God's Frosty seen on the way to church. Picture 7

 I did get to cut some kits out at night, after the kiddos went to bed.

 But no sewing. That's okay, I didn't need help from a 20 month old!  I'm headed to SC for a month after this week--I'll need it! Haha. No, they were good..just anxious to get to a bit warmer weather for a while.   So I thought I would cut kits to take down with me to make samples for my Spring classes.

Photos not making the cut for my Project 365;

for "Taxi" quilt....need more yellows though..

Auditioning for Taxi-the quilt, not the show! Oh wait, does that 'date' me?

Ready for a "Slide Show"

Cutting kits to sell (from my stash).  Great way to make some 'moolah' for new fabric!

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