Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sew It's Finished...

Well, they will be this year!  I joined the group "Sew It's Finished" in hopes that publicly admitting my need for accountability for getting UFO's done will work. :)  And so here they are:

1. Be Attitudes
2. Pop Star
3. Dresden Plate
4. Folk Art Christmas Stars
5. JOY's Parting Gift
6. Shakespeare in the Park
Shakespeare in the Park Blocks
7. Red & Black Row by Row
8. French Lone Star
9. Pink & Black Pinwheel
10. Folk Art 16 patch
11. Nana's Garden

Nana's Garden block

12. Diamond Scrap Star

And so there they are--the UFO's I'd like to finish this year. Some are 8+ years in the aging barrel and others were started last year. And I have plenty more, but I chose these to be done first. I also have flimsies to do as well, and would like to get 12 done of those.  But it's an ongoing project and wonder if I will EVER be caught up there.

1 comment:

Tammy, UK said...

oh dear, looks like i'm not the only one with cobwebs in my cupboard. good luck with those!