Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Okay, I give up--tried loading pictures 5 times, reduced the size, the amount, and nothing. Sometimes it timed out and other times it said they were loaded. Now watch them all show up at once! I'll try tomorrow..

Hmmm, do I have Quilter's Attention Deficit Disorder? Jeanne mentioned maybe she had it in her blog today and MANY joined in to admit that there does seem to be sort of a problem along this line with MOST of us! LOL (sorry Jeanne, this is the last time I'll use your blog for my jumping point!) So, let me count the ways that I think I am afflicted. This is what I worked on TODAY!
1. Finished binding and labeling my "Butter Blues"
2. Finished binding and labeling my "Flip Flop Summer"
3. Labeled "Cathedral Window Rag"
4. Finished machine quilting baby quilt #1, cut binding.
5. Quilted "Spring Iris Tablerunner", cut binding, sewed on top, needs hand stitched down
6. Added last two borders to baby quilt #2--looked for backing and everything is not quite big enough, didn't feel like piecing a back, so folded it up.
7. Tried to cut a new quilt out and I kept knocking things off my table...so cleaned up my work table and ironing board--how do they get so full anyway? I cut all the scraps on the table into strips or squares.
8. NOW I could cut out a new quilt that I need to make for our new condo for NEXT week! Like I didn't know we were getting it! Started doing the HST, after 40 sets, got tired of doing that, so labeled everything and put in baggies.
9. Cut out a kit for the class I taught tonight.
10. Liked the colors so well of the kit I cut, I decided to make one for me--only in 1/4 size! This class is a Sampler class for beginners and I have them make 12" blocks. I get tired of the oversized blocks, so mine are going to be 3". First block--Rail Fence--logs finish at 1/4"!! Make 1st block for class.
11. Finished piecing my poinsettia blocks. Was going to put them together, but there was a lot of matching and precision sewing and my favorite machine to do piecing is up in my classroom, so bagged them up.
12. Finished satin stitching on the peppermint twist blocks. Did all the white stitching and about 1/2 way through the red. Ran out of bobbin thread and am almost out of that color red, so bagged those back up too!

Whew! And I wonder why nothing gets done! I did finish 3 things today--but that only brings my total to 5 for the year! And "Butter Blues" was from 5 or 6 years ago! I hit little stumbling blocks along the way, and so I divert to something else. So, sad to say, I think I do have QADD. (disclaimer: please note that I am only having fun. I know people, including adults, that suffer from ADD and struggle with it. I know it's not to be taken lightly and I do not mean to offend anyone)

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cher said...

wow..I would say you jumped around a lot-but also made great progress on so many different projects-it's all good! glad to have you back in the ring!