Tuesday, March 21, 2006

say a quick prayer...

I'm asking for some prayers for my hubby. He was trimming a large limb off of a tree, on a ladder 15 ft. up and the limb hit him and knocked him off the ladder. He had presence of mind to throw the chain saw out of the way and landed so hard on his shoulder, he bounced. We are so fortunate that someone we hired to grind up the tree stumps was there and saw it all. He called 9-1-1 and then got me. I would have not found him for at least an hour. I was cooking dinner.

We spent 10 hours in the ER last night, they thought he had an aorta aneurysm, but it was fine. He fractured his shoulder and his wrist, bruised his ribs and there is something wrong in his upper thigh/groin area. He's in a lot of pain and they keep doing x-rays/CAT scans to see if his pelvis is fractured. It keeps coming back fine, but the doctors say he's in way too much pain to be just the ligament. So, more tests are being done. They admitted him and he'll be there for a day or two, we hope. I just hope we find what's wrong, so they can get on with fixing him, rather than giving him loads of morphine.

He is so very lucky (making ME very lucky) that he's going to be fine. Sore, for sure, but alive.
thank you


Linda_J said...

Most certainly WILL saying a prayer for you and your DH. As you said thank heavens he did not lay out there needing help.

I have pleaded with mine NOT to do stuff like climb up on the roof if I am not home. Scares me to death.

PS your Feathered Star looks fantastic!

karen said...

Will add your hubby to my nightly prayer list. So sorry to hear about his accident. Hope the pain lessens soon.

JudyL said...

Karen: So sorry about your husband's accident but you all are so lucky someone was there to see it. I beg my husband not to get on ladders or do dangerous things when he's home alone.

Hope he's feeling better soon!

Judy L.

Patti said...

Oh Karen, thank God he wasn't hurt worse than that. How awful for both of you prayers and positive healing thoughts coming your way.