Friday, July 04, 2008

Correction on food

this Dutch stuff should not be this confusing! LOL First--I mixed English and Dutch when I mentioned we were headed to...Den Haag OR The Hague..I just combined the two. Oh well.. And then what we had to eat was Nasi (with rice) that was served Rijstaffel style--with lots of extra additions. I'm sure you are now as confused as I am!! We did make it to Den Haag, our first stop was to a National Sports Team shop for baseball where my hubby wanted a new baseball hat--sold out. Then we took the tram to Schenevihangen (I've totally botched that spelling, but Ted isn't sitting next to me) and had lunch at the Kurhaus, an very old, established and elegant place to eat (it's also a hotel) located on the beach. They must not have been too picky because we certainly weren't elegantly dressed! We moseyed up and down the beach, chuckling at all the kitchsy touristy stuff and headed back to the center of Den Haag. I was looking for a particular thing and we got way sidetracked and ended buying some clothes and found an equivalent to a Dollar Store! We so lost track of time that we ended up missing the quilt store. :( Oh well, at $25+/ yard for American fabric, I probably wouldn't have purchased anything anyway. You have to give the Europeans credit for doing any quilting at all at those prices. You can better believe they don't have the stashes that we have.
On a side note--I brought some hand work to do while I was here. I love the Lollipops (the coolest bias bindings all wrapped up like a Lollipop). I'm doing the quilt called "Circle Games" am using Perle Cotton #5 in variagated colors to handstitch the bindings down. But it's kind of hard to pull through all the thicknesses of fabrics and bindings. Ted reminded me about the needlepuller! I use mine when I quilt to pull a needle that's loaded with stitches (okay--so they are not so loaded on mine). But it works really great on getting that big needle with that big floss through all those layers!

Happy Quilting!!!


Ruth's Place said...

It looks like you are having such great fun! I live where American fabrics are expensive too, but there are a few ladies in my guild who have stashes the size of some American ones :)

I've never seen a needle puller before! Thanks for showing that, now to track one down...

Clare said...

Are you still in The Hague? That's where Nicolette lives (see link on my Wordpress blog).

I like the idea of the needle puller. Definitely need one of those.