Saturday, July 05, 2008

Visiting friends and acting like a tourist

Yesterday was a wonderful day meeting up with friends and acting a bit of a tourist, which is okay, because I am! Our first stop was to visit Agnes who was excited to share her newly expanded sewing room! But NEVER visit anyone without first sharing a cup of coffee with them. And don't turn them down, that's almost rude! I'm a tea drinker, so she served me tea. And of course, the little sweet that is always necessary. But she served us little apple tarts--yummy! After catching up on news (she shared the books her husband made for her from her visits to Houston, Paducah and of her OWN Quilt Exhibit), she proudly showed us her new room. It's so nice, full of nice outdoor light and wonderful views and a lot more space to spread out. She also shared her newest quilt project, one that she has spent the last year designing and has just begun the stitching. It's going to be a beauty!
Then we left for the little village next to hers, Oudewater. They have a famous museum that showcased the scales that were used in the 1500's and 1600's to determine if you were a witch or not. I was determined to be a witch! My kids would have told you that already! LOL At least in their teen years. :) was a tricky way to find out how much your friends weigh! A fun place and the gal in charge took great delight in her role as judge. We then had lunch at a quaint little place, sitting outside and watching all the villagers ride their bikes and people strolling along the brick sidewalks. I saw a tile on one building that was from 1617! I'd tell you what I had for lunch, but I can't spell it OR tell you what was in it! LOL It was good and of course, the bread is always so yummy in Europe. After lunch, we bid farewell to Agnes and followed her suggested course to get to the quilt shop. We followed the dijk (dike) along the river and eventually came to Kinderdijk, where you can see 17 windmills (molen) in a row. They were built along a canal to keep the water from the river out of that area. Beautiful area and we saw a family from Staphorst in their traditional costume. Ted said it was unusual for a young family to be wearing their costume out of their area, that they must be really strict. We went on to visit Willy's quilt shop in Brielle. Quick visit to say hi and headed for home. Awesome day!
I'm out of room for pictures...will share more tomorrow.
happy quilting!!

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