Thursday, July 03, 2008

Typical Dutch food

Greetings from s'Gravenzande! I arrived yesterday after a rather quick trip and one hour of sleep. I spent the rest of the day in a bit of a haze, but that's okay. We quickly changed into swimsuits and took off for the beach on our bikes, laden with picnic fare, umbrellas, towels, sunscreen and chairs. It was a bit of a sight! It was supposed to be a nice day but after an hour, dark clouds rolled in with thunder in the distance, so packed up everything and came home.
We had a typical Dutch meal last night..Rijsttaffel. I told her that my grandparents were from Holland and we never had anything like this. I guess Indonesion food became very popular in Holland after WWII. Many Dutch soldiers were stationed there and apparently brought back the cuisine. It's a bit like how I make my Fried Rice, brown rice, bacon, a bit of chicken, soy sauce (although she used a sweet version rather than a salty one?) and fried egg. The difference was that she added some herbs and spices (she used Nasi last night) but prefers this (although it has noodles in it as well). She served it with a Rijsttaffel Mix (different peanuts--hot and spicy ones, ones mixed with coconut, a sweet mix and some onions) satey sauce (a peanut sauce-which I normally do not care for, but this one was good), fried bananas with a bit of brown sugar and some little puffy, crispy rice thingy?? (she says it's called Kroepoek). The whole meal was quite tasty.
hey Marne--we're headed to Den Hague--I'll pass on your greetings to the quilt shop owner! And I'll enjoy the sites and food with you in mind! :)

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