Sunday, October 12, 2008

A good quilty get away

Since I got here to SC, I've been a busy girl! I promised a friend of my mother's that I would hand sew bindings on a few Amish quilted quilts for her that were done in 1991! Got out one of the 'Karen' kits (when we bought our vacation home, I vowed to myself that I would not accumulate the stash, etc. that I have at home. And to save myself toting projects back and forth, I made myself 'kits' of projects to work on while I was here. Remember the Stained Glass quilt I posted about this summer? That was one of them). Anyway, continuing on..I finished a quilt top from Thimbleberries fabrics--and that tells you it's an old project! I haven't bought TB fabric in eons! I thought it would be a nice charity quilt. Then I found a "Montana Cartwheel" pattern and found that I had most of the spiked arcs already done! Woo hoo! So, spent time finding fabrics to finish the blocks and sewing those lovely curves. My friend and I were talking about where we got the fabric and we came to the conclusion that we must have shared stash with one another.We do that a lot--really extends your fabric selections! Some fabric in our quilts are the same, but then others I recognize from a purse, another quilt, really OLD fabric, etc. I don't have enough here to finish the blocks, but I'm close enough to take them home now and finish them up. Another 8+ year old UFO!
And continuing on with my Quilt a top on Thursdays, I brought my Bargello quilt and batting and backing and borrowed my friend's HQ16 (the one in the sit down table) and got it quilted. Whoa! It's been a while quilting on a quilt sitting down. LOL It took a while to get my groove back! Oh well--someone will love it, I'm sure. Notice the sexy legs--not included with quilt! And did you notice that you can't see the quilting? LOL--it's one of those 'hang it high and keep it moving" quilts. I also finished a little quiltlet that was my turn to quilt in our RRBloggers group. I ended up doing it on a domestic machine-the HQ was just too big and fast to control on such a small piece. Sorry Julie--it's your quiltlet, so no sneak peeks. :)
Stash busting for the week: I already counted the fabric for the backing of the quilt I just finished, so no fair counting it again. AND....the quilt store in Pawley's Island is closing, so we made our farewell trip and found a couple of FQ's and a few half yards that will fit my need for aqua and reds fetish that has been going on in my little brain. So--I had to ADD 2 yards to my totals IN this year, but that's okay. I don't feel bad because there were some awesome batiks I REALLY wanted to buy, carried them around the store for a while before I put them back. I'm sure those bolts were hoping I'd come back for them.
Our friends from our softball world arrived last night from Holland, so I doubt if I get any more quilty stuff done this week. But--it was a great week and now I can get some sun!


loulee1 said...

Wow, you have been one busy lady.

Those cart wheels look amazing.

Anonymous said...

I tried to enlarge the TBs quilt so that I could get a better view of the colors; but it wouldn't enlarge. Anyway looks like taupes and greys. A very different color scheme indeed - I like it.

swooze said...

Everything looks great. Bet you feel good getting things finished up!