Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Two for One UFO's done!

I'm on a quest this fall to get at least ONE flimsy (a quilt top) finished per week. Doing good so far...okay, I just started a few weeks ago with this new goal, but hey, ya gotta start somewhere! LOL I had two baby quilts that were the same length, different widths and was trying to think how I could load them both on my HQ16 (aka ZOE). I'm not a professional LA quilter, so don't always know how to do things. But I've heard about people loading two smaller quilts or tablerunners at one time. Here's how I did it:

Sew about a 5" strip of muslin between the two quilt tops ( I did it on the side that were the same length) and pressed towards the muslin. Then I pieced a back that was big enough to cover both of them. I loaded it on the machine and then proceeded to quilt as usual...except when I came to the muslin part. I quilted along the side of the quilt, being careful not to get into the seam allowances and then only stitched one line across the muslin to the other quilt and then quilted along that quilt's edge. I did this the whole way down the two quilts. When I took it off the machine, I cut down the middle of the muslin and carefully unstitched the muslin (I basted it on, so it was easy to get off) and Voila! Two quilts done in 45 minutes!! I'm not sure if that's how others do it, but it worked for me!
I'm also making purses like crazy too. All kinds of charm purses and variations. Teaching people who hardly sew to make them. They are quick and easy and look so cute. Then I made this one the other night...a real Girly Girl purse. :) It's a Tammy Tadd pattern.


Screen Door said...

I just love ruffles.... Darling bag..

Shasta said...

Wow - two quilts quilted at one time. Now I feel even slower. I love the colors on the quilt - the purple and yellow and green look so great together. The bag is great as well.

swooze said...

Not having an LA I am not sure about the tops but the process sounds right from what I have heard from others. I didn't realize they "pieced" the tops together but it makes sense that you would.

Mary said...

Well it worked for you so that's good. I think there are several ways to do this.

If I'm doing them horizontally like this I'll just baste the sides and leave a few inches between the tops - I don't think sewing the tops together is necessary. I also will load a long piece of backing and quilt one after the other using the same piece of batting and backing.