Saturday, April 09, 2011

Portable Ironing Table Tutorial

I have made several of these already and wonder why I didn't do more sooner? 

 They are SO handy to have by your side when you are sewing and it doesn't take away precious space on your sewing table. PLUS, it GIVES you extra space if you need it.

  If I don't necessarily need an iron at my side on a particular day, I put my small cutting mat on it.  Or just to have more space. Period.

This is embarrassingly simple.  It takes about 5 minutes to do. It will take you longer to shop for the supplies than make it.

Portable Ironing Table Tutorial

Supplies needed:

Wooden TV tray (mine came in a set of 4, but I have seen them sold individually as well. I've also seen them at Goodwill--and not thinking, I didn't buy them! Slap on head!)

Electric Staple Gun with staples (or you can use a non-electric staple gun as well--just don't bother with a regular office type stapler, it just won't work!)

1/2 yard of Insulated Teflon cloth (ironing board cloth that is already layered with thick batting and a lining)  I found mine at the larger JoAnn's ETC stores. If you don't have one nearby, you can order it online or use regular Teflon silver cloth and a few layers of Warm and Natural.

Are you ready?

1. Cut your Teflon cloth about 2.5 to 3" larger on all sides of your wooden TV table.

2. Starting on one side, with the table upside on the wrong side of the cloth, wrap the Teflon cloth around the tray and staple. Staple the entire side. Don't be stingy with the staples. They're cheap.

3. Go to the opposite side of the table and staple that side down.

4. Repeat with the 3rd and 4th sides, leaving the corners for last.

5. Corners: the insulated Teflon cloth is really thick.  I just grabbed the corner that was left standing up and pulled it up tight and stapled. It kind of made it's own pleat. I just made sure that I put more than one staple in the corners.

6. Turn over and enjoy!

Now, wasn't that easy?


Carol said...

What a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

Sandra said...

Love this idea!!! I have been going crazy lugging my full sized ironing board downstairs and was thinking of buying a table ironing board. Your post has inspired me...I want to make a table top board using the teflon fabric and a small shelf sized piece of wood. I've got some in my basement...Thanks for the idea!

Beatrice said...

thank you for the tutorial!
Beatrice (from France - Europe).