Thursday, April 14, 2011

T-shirt quilt for softball player

I just finished another T-shirt quilt for a softball player...

It's funny, I do several of these a year for people (mostly softball players--hmmm, imagine that?) and I end up using the same color for sashing in almost 80% of them.  

Here is my choice of colors:

{Hot Pink}   {Red}   {Royal Blue}   {Bright Yellow}  {Almost Lime Green}

{Pink}  just didn't work for me.  Not enough of it in the quilt?
{Red} might have been okay if it would have been brighter, but that didn't thrill me either.
{Royal Blue} Okay, I admit. My 'go to' color.  It seems to recede into the background without clashing with any of the shirts and allows the T-shirts to come out and shine. 
{Bright Yellow} Got your shades?  Whoa--I'm the first one to admit I love bright, intense colors, but it was trying to take all the glory when it forgets it is all about the T-shirts! Sorry yellow, I really wanted you.
{Almost Lime Green} it was the 'almost' that got me.  It just didn't quite get it with the other lime greens in the quilt. 

So, Royal Blue again makes it's appearance in my T-shirt quilts. It just seems to be the most unassuming choice and allows the shirts to stand out. 

I use a heavy flannel for my sashing and backing. First of all because it is more the weight of the T-shirts and it makes it a nice snuggly quilt.  I use Warm and Natural cotton batting.  I quilt it with a gray thread in a large-ish overall meander.  It's not about the quilting's all about the shirts. 

This young lady had a number of shirts that had designs on the back, including several that had the names of participants. So I just chose a few and added a row on the back. 

I have seen several awesome Tshirt quilts, but this is the most basic one that I teach and also do for hire, as it's the most economical.   I'm working on a tutorial now.  

This is a great shirt...thought I would share it...guess who is a catcher? 


Mary said...

I've done a few of these too and like Blue for the fact, blue is my go to color for sashing and borders of many of my scrap quilts.

Alycia said...

I like it!!!First I thought you were doing it with multi colored sashings - and I thought that was a great idea too ;-)