Thursday, April 07, 2011

Working on projects

Wow--time gets away so fast anymore.  I used to just chuckle at older people who used to say that and now here I am, saying the very same thing. Does that mean I'm getting old? 
 Must be.

Now that things are looking to slow down, just a tiny bit, I have been itching to get back into my sewing room and getting things done!  I really wanted to cut into some new fabric I bought, but thought I better finish up some older projects. If anything, to assuage my guilt!

I pulled out my Be Attitudes project

that I started oh, in 2009?  this is one of the blocks I got done...

I actually got about 6 blocks done.  It was supposed to 

be an ongoing class, but people just kept bailing on me and then I bailed on myself.  If I remember right, Linda was following along and I think she got hers done, while the rest of us just petered out.  Determined to have a year of finishes, I set up a date in May for the grand finale of this project.  We are going to GET IT DONE!  I thought I would encourage the others to get theirs done as well and by me getting back into it might be an incentive for them too.

My hubby recently had a business trip to Orlando and I tagged along.  I thought what a good time to get all the prep work done. Isn't that the worst part anyway? 

 Well, it took just as long to prep my prep as it did to actually do the prep!  Did that make sense?  I know, I didn't get it either. But before I left, I traced all the applique and fused it on the fabrics I wanted. I sewed the background blocks. Put everything in ZipLoc bags and threw it in my suitcase.

I got 4 out of the 6 done.  One block I forgot to put the fusible onto the fabric!  And the other one I sewed the background together wrong.  I guess working til 1 AM before you have to get up at 5 AM for a flight wasn't the best idea.  At least it's almost ready to go. It won't take long to finish the last two. 

 Then I have to do the blanket stitch on all of them...good thing to do in front of a good TV show.

I wanted to bring embroidery along, but didn't have time to get it ready.  I need to spend some time getting a bunch of blocks ready so they can hop in my suitcase without me having to get them ready at the last minute.

I tell ya, if there were not last minutes, I wouldn't get anything done! LOL

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