Monday, February 06, 2006

Just recharged my batteries!

I'm just back from a 2-week hiatus from the real world. I spent the first week in SC, taking care of some business and then having some sewing fun with my friend Marilyn. And boy, was it a high! More in a bit..... I spent the second week re-charging my batteries for another full round of classes and daily life "stuff" in Cancun. It wasn't as sunny as I had hoped (so no great tan), but it was warm and it was relaxing, so who am I to complain?

Back to my sewing frenzy! My friend bought me 24 FQ's (isn't she generous) of Kaffe Fasset fabric for my birthday. Well, not wanting to waste one precious thread of it, I came up with at least 3 quilts to make from those FQ's! We met briefly in a late afternoon for me to give out the cutting assignments for each quilt from the FQ's. Then I went home to cut and get ready.

I headed over to her house in the morning and it was finally about 10 AM before we got settled down enough to get serious. And boy, did we ever! Our first quilt was "Windows into the eyes of Kaffe". 8 1/2" finished squares set with plain white sashing. So simple, but oh, so divine. Shows off all those glorious colors he likes to use. And the prints are a riot! We had to stop and take a break to re-fuel, so off to Cracker Barrel we went. I just love the grilled chicken tenderloin sandwiches on grilled sourdough bread. They have such yummy food, but I always end up with that sandwich. Then we headed back to do some more power sewing. But it was taking a bit longer than I thought. I figured, "how hard can it be? plain squares with sashing?" It was almost 6 PM when I put the final border on that quilt. And it's a beauty!

Yeah! On to the next quilt. Bricks and Stepping Over Kaffe's Stones (from Bonnie Hunter's It was amazing how quick it was going. About 10 PM, Marilyn announced that she had better start getting ready for bed, as she had a lecture to give in the morning at the local quilt shop, Island Threads. I'm not sure what time she finally went to bed, but I was SOO close to being done, I hated to quit. She offered for me to just stay overnight there, and I was on that like white on rice, or something like that! So, I stayed up and sewed and sewed and sewed. All the time thinking of the NEXT quilt I was making! So, I took a brief hiatus from Quilt #2 and started on Quilt #3--Flying to Kaffe. I made enough blocks to get a good idea on how it would look and then went back to Quilt #2. I was starting to drag, but I really needed to see it done, so I kept on going. I finished the top (sans border) at 2 AM! And it too, looked great! Well, off to bed I went.

Got up at 8:00, and hurried in to finish that last quilt before my friend had to leave. I didn't quite make it, although I did finish it at 10 AM. Just 24 hours later--I had 3 quilt tops (well, almost--as 2 of them needed borders yet). I also had 360 2 1/2" squares AND the bonus half square triangles I got when I made the Flying Geese! Wahoo! Now, do I use them to finish up borders? Or make yet another small quilt? Ahhh, the things we have to ponder!

I've not posted pictures yet, but I'll try! Okay, I guess I need to go take pictures! They are not on my camera! Next blog....

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