Friday, February 29, 2008

Impossibly Good

Woo hoo! I found the Flat Earth chips at Target! Made by Frito Lay company, they are a chip like snack made from potatoes, rice and either fruits or veggies. They have: 1/2 serving of real fruit or veggies in every ounce, naturally baked, a good source of Vitamin C, 0 grams of trans fat, low in sodium and no artificial flavors or preservatives. Someone in my hubby's office brought them in for a taste test and they are really good! We couldn't decide which one we liked best, they were all that good. I tried looking at the grocery stores, but they don't have them yet. So was thrilled to find them at Target! And here's a coupon for a free bag!
On a side note--the grandkids are gone, but not without leaving their mark! Since my kitchen is torn up and only the subflooring is down, I told them I wanted them to draw me a picture and sign their name. I told them it will be like our hidden secret because when they put the new floor down, no one will be able to see it anymore, but we'll know it's there!

Miss K's drawings got partially covered by the ceiling paint already. I love the way Mr. K (the 5 year old) spells his name. So innocent. And he drew a special picture for his mommy..And now back to sewing! I got 3 quilts quilted this week! I now have to do the bindings (they are machine sewn on the top--needs hand sewn on the back) and I'll post pictures as soon as those are done.

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Teresa said...

How sweet...don't you just love being a grandmother? I know I sure do!