Monday, February 25, 2008

Quilts get done regardless of what's going on!

My kitchen is still a mess--although I do have a fridge, microwave, oven and a temporary sink so I guess I could cook if I wanted! I have had the grandkids since last Friday night and they are here until Wed. night. So getting out to quilt is a bit trickier! Plus the fact I'm really tired at night! I'm glad I'm a Nana now and no longer a Mom! AND my hubby left for an extended business trip (around the world--literally--China, Vietnam, Dubai, India, Germany, Switzerland, Paris and London in 26 days), so I've been promoted to taxi driver for my daughter again--2 hours/day back and forth. You know what, now that I think about it--I got all my stuff done before all this happened! I guess next week's report won't be so good! LOL
I was able to finish two more quilts this past week and one more UFO to the flimsy state. My personal goal is to finish two to the flimsy state and get two quilted, not necessarily the same ones. My UFO list is going down, but my flimsy list is growing! It was so scary to think that if I quilted just two per week, it would take me at least 4 months to get caught up--and that doesn't include finishing other tops! My poor Zoe is going to be worn out. But I like the fact that I am sticking to my guns so far (okay--it's just been a month so far, hahaha) and not even looking at anything new!

This is a quilt top, Holiday Lights, that I had ALMOST done for about 5 years--geez or even more! I made the piano key borders and somehow must not have done them quite right, because they would not miter properly, so I put it away. Got it out again a few years ago, got frustrated and put it away. Got it out again a few weeks ago and gee--I whacked off the ends, added plain black corners and whaddya know? It's done! I promised myself I would not meander every quilt I got done and I was going to force myself to start challenging myself on the quilting. (I'm still on a learning curve on a mid-arm machine). So for this quilt, I tried some of the rulers--hmm, not so good yet, but I did get the straight ruler going for the zigzag in the inner border, did some free hand stuff in the 4patch/sq. in square block--not bad and then smaller stippling behind the light bulbs to make them pop--great, and free handed a ribbon-y vine with holly leaves in the outer border--not bad. The best thing is that it's done and I'm fairly proud of it. :)The next one is my Hopscotchin' with Friends, another Challenge quilt and it's the first time that I ever used a pantograph. I had a little trouble figuring out the placement--and remembered AGAIN how hard it is to follow an exact line with a laser! But I knew that if I just kept my movements fluid and if I swung out too far on a leaf or whatever, no one would know. So--all in all--not too bad! I think it's hard to see my quilting--I use So Fine on the top (it really blends in well--less prone to showing mistakes! LOL) and Bottom Line in the bobbin

I also finished my Kaffe Fassett Stepping Stones--and for crying out loud--all it needed was the outside border! It's loaded on Zoe right now and I hope to get out there tonight or tomorrow and do that one. I'm trying another panto--thanks to Mary for sharing all her resources on the pantos she uses.


Teresa said...

Way to go!!! Would you believe my daughter-in-law actually wanted to know why I kept making quilts when we had enough? All I could think to say was "because I want to." Kind of lame, but its the truth - so there! I think the black corner blocks look great on the border.

Laurie Ann said...

Wow, it looks like you are doing a fantastic job getting those UFO's finished up. Good job! I have one that I just can't make myself work on. I hope you inspire me!

loulee1 said...

Two finishes! Fantastic. Looking forward to more.

Nana's Quilts said...

Love the Christmas lights - great job. And hubby is now away for a short lifetime, heh? Challenges, challenges.

I'm back in the U.S. Check the blog for photos (part 2 I put on the wrong blog, but gave the correct address, so you can find it) What an adventure. Many stories to tell.

Nana Marne

Jeanne said...

Two wonderful quilts! Doesn't it feel good to have finishes?

Mary said...

They both look good! That's an ambitious goal to finish two tops and two quilted each week.

So what panto are you going to try next? I'm no good with rulers at all, I know it takes practice but it's hard to make myself try because I'm so bad at it.