Monday, February 04, 2008

Stash Busting and Delft shoes

I know I'm a day late this week--but finally have time to start joining the countdown on our stashes! In January, I was able to bust almost 5 yards of background fabric for these adorable little embroideries. I meant to make them for my friend and me for Christmas and didn't get them to her until later. The collection was called Holiday Redwork by The Stitch Connection. I LOVE their CD's, I have several of them, including the Snowman Collector one. Yes--done on a machine--but they look darn good! This is just a sampling of what I did--there were 37 blocks total x 2 (I did a set for each of us).
5 yards for January, 0 yards bought

Next, last week I had two classes on how to use Zoe, my HQ16. I plan on renting her out--does that make me a quilting pimp? Eww--no--I am 'sharing' her with other quilters to get their quilts done! :) Which meant that I had to have quilt tops and backings ready for them to practice on! So--the first class quilted my Puzzle Pieces top for me--requiring about 4 yards for the backing. The second class quilted Gratitude for me and I pieced 6 yards of fabric for the backing! I also marked a small quilt and cut the backing which was 1 1/4 yards.

February to date: 11 1/4 yards busted, 0 yards added (**see note below)

I had to show you these shoes--aren't they perfect for a Dutch girl like me? They are rubber clogs, done in Delft style and are perfect for my LONG walk to my studio. LOL(picture taken from the side door of the garage of my house--looks kind of dreary this time of year) Crocs don't get it when there is snow on the ground! It goes in the holes!

**Okay--I forgot that my friend (same friend who I surprised with the embroideries) surprised me with a birthday gift of some fabric--a couple of yards and a jelly roll (plus a needle minder, a handmade card and the cutest sun catcher in my favorite--flip flops in MY colors to boot--perfect, I tell ya!) do you count that for stash? If we don't buy it, it doesn't count? Or--ANY new additions, no matter how they join, is still stash?


Nana's Quilts said...

Well, a Happy Birthday to you, Nana Karen! And I WANT THOSE SHOES! Where did you find them? I'll take the camera (with the 2 gig card) but still debating about the computer. Hmmmm.
Tot ziens,

Nana's Quilts said...

P.S. - I am sure that gift fabric does NOT count in your stash size - I certainly didn't include Christmas gifts in my collection (for stash busting purposes) :->