Monday, February 04, 2008

Paris--lost hats,quilt shops & Eiffel Tower

Looking back at our trip to Paris---the last night we were in the Netherlands, we loaded up 3 double decker buses and a luggage trailer! My husband and I were the last ones to get our suitcases loaded, so they'd be the first ones off. So..we trek the 6 hours to Paris, arriving after 1:00 AM. Since the buses were so large and the Paris streets are SO narrow, we had to unload from rue de Rivoli--a major street! So, we told everyone to just grab as many bags as they could and trek the 2 1/2 blocks to the hotel and we'd sort them out there. Not an easy task with 165 people and over 400 bags! Everyone finally got checked in about 2 AM and I started searching for my bags. Found all of them except for the zippered Tyvec shopping bag filled with my precious hats, other souveneirs and my planner! I panicked a bit and tried very hard to fight back the tears as I searched the lobby over and over. I had a whole crew helping me to no avail. It was obviously not in the lobby. My only hope was the someone accidentally took it to their room. I didn't hold onto that hope much because it wasn't like it was a black backpack or suitcase. This was definitely a shopping bag. I realized that they were just 'things' and no one's life was at stake, but it was irreplaceable. Praying about it seemed a little childish and materialistic, but I was just sure that since the Lord had a hand in me finding these hats to start with, I was SURE that He would have wanted me to have them for more than a week! And IF I did find it--I wouldn't even LOOK at purses (my weakness!). I know--like bargaining with God works! LOL I was sure that it wasn't left on the bus, because it was the last thing loaded. I thought that maybe the group of young men watching all this activity going on probably could have very well casually walked by and picked it up, since it looked like a shopping bag and not a suitcase full of dirty clothes. To make a long story short--heehee--we called the bus company on the chance it was on the bus--and it WAS!! The bus driver couldn't fit my bag in the luggage compartment and put it in his private compartment and forgot!! Yeah! He returned it that day--and so, I'm a happy camper again. :) Okay--'nuff about that--I visited (okay--tried to visit--it wasn't open until after lunch) Le Rouvray, a very well known quilt shop in Paris. Only a block away from the Notre Dame. They do carry American fabric, as well as French fabrics and from the looks of the window, several gifty items as well. It was just as well that it was closed, as my budget and stash do not need any more added to it! (PS..never mind the hair--cold, drizzly days don't do a thing for me! or my hair!)
We were lucky to have our granddaughter with us--she loved the Eiffel Tower and we were lucky enough to go to our favorite viewing spot at night and the twinkling lights were one! I think it's only on once per hour.
A wonderful, busy time in France. My favorite is always the Basillica at Sacre Couer, seeing the Palais de Versailles for the first time, the crepes (bananas and sugar--although Nutella ranks right up there too), seeing the Louvre at night, and all the little patesseries and brasseries (sp?) filled with people sitting outside enjoying friends and great coffee.

Au revoir!


Mary said...

I had planned to go with Keith to Denmark the end of this month and we were going to spend a couple days in Paris....not going to happen at least in February. Maybe April. Looks like you had fun!

Clare said...

Sacre Coeur is one of my favourite places. it's a good job Le Rouvray was closed. Apparently the prices are horrendous! Glad you got your bag back.

Sheila said...

I found your Blog as I was searching for Paris quilt shops. My sister and I will be venturing to Germany to see my son next week (feb 27-march 4). He has offered us a side trip to Paris for the weekend- and we would love to find the best Quilt Shops to see. Can anyone give us a heads up on the things to see and do?

Thank you much-- your american friend-