Thursday, May 01, 2008

Fun in Paducah!!

congratulations TED!! The 2008 AQS winner--Best of Show! Here she is getting interviewed in front of her quilt at the AQS show. She was completely shocked--all of her friends were not, but she was delighted to say the least and got very emotional when so many liked her quilt. It was inspired by her great-great-great-great grandmother's hankie that has been passed down over the years until it is almost brittle. So she recreated it in a quilt to be passed down further. Which is why she turned down the $20,000 prize money in order to keep it.
Since we didn't decide to attend the show until earlier this year, we were forced to stay outside Paducah, on Kentucky Lake. The cabin was a fisherman's cabin, and the view was fantastic! It was nice to be able to relax in the evenings and had room to spread out the 'purchases' of the day! The owner's of the cabin took a liking to the fact that 5 women were staying there and ended up having a fish fry for us one night, complete with all the trimmings. We had croppie, catfish, hush puppies, cole slaw, sweet 'taters', and finished off with a yummy blackberry cobbler! Worth the stay, let me tell ya!

In order to avoid the long lines and pricey food fare, we packed our pb & j for lunch and ate in the car. What we quilter's will do to preserve our fabric money :)
Ted had a compete entourage with her--from Road Manager to bodyguard (courtesy of AQS)

Left to right: Marilyn, the Road Manager (who arranged the accomodations and fish fry!), TED, Candy (hair stylist), Steve (Ted's quilt guard for the week), Maureen (Driver) and me, (Business Manager).

We had a ball this past week and it was fun to share in Ted's excitement over her win. This show is really different from the Houston show, where the quilts tend to be more art oriented. This show is definitely more traditional and you saw more handquilted quilts. I would love to share some of the awesome quilts I saw, but anymore I'm not sure how much I'm allowed to share, so will refrain. It's sad and I can understand to a point, but it's not worth getting in trouble over. I did see our Judy's quilt--great job Judy!

The excitement continued when we got home....more later on that!


Nana's Quilts said...

Well isn't that just the best! I did forward a link to your blog to Caroline and her quilt shop buddy, Evy. Oh so exciting.

Pam said...

Congratulations Ted!! That really is an amazing quilt -- stunning. I would love to see it in person.

So she is supposed to turn the quilt over for the prize money? That is quite interesting. What would then happen to the quilt? I think I would rather have the quilt than the money as well. She will live on forever in her family just like her Great Grandmother. How wonderful.

Sounds like it was a great trip and a very nice place to stay.

swooze said...

Wow! COngrats to her. It is hard to really understand the construction. To me it looks see through. WOuld love to get a closer look!

Teresa said...

WTG Ted..magnificant quilt. I enjoyed the pictures of your trip and sure did look like a good group to me having lots of fun.

Liz said...

That is one of the most gorgeous quilts I've seen, just stunning! How fun to be part of that trip!
I've enjoyed your blog.