Monday, February 02, 2009

Gone antiquing...

This is a bit late, but wanted to share my finds! My Mom loves to go antiquing and so do I, but I rarely take the time anymore. So when she was here a few weeks ago after my trip, we took a day to head out to the Antique Malls. Actually, what motivated me was an article in the newest
'Quilter's Home" about the Jewel Tea Princess sewing baskets. My mom had one, but she thinks she gave it to my sister (who is not a seamstress at all!), but that's okay. I'll just go get one of my own! LOL So we set out on our search for these sewing baskets. I should know that you NEVER find what you are looking for right away in antique shops--you usually discover them on a random day. But it was fun looking. I have a friend who collects antique quilts and I found quite a few that I knew would peek her interest. So I took photos of all that I found and contacted her. And in the meantime, came across a few other ones that "I" was interested in! One was a wholecloth whitework wedding perfect condition. Upon closer inspection, it appears that the Swan motif in the center and the feather wreaths in the corners aren't real pronounced, but still quite visible. The quilting was nice and I decided that I needed it. :) I don't plan on ever making one for myself, so the next best thing is to buy one! And boy--is it ever hard to get a good photo shot of this one! I took about 10 different shots and this is the only one that came even close to what it looks like. I guess that should be my next endeavor, taking some photography lessons!
A few stores down from the antique mall was a cute little home decor shop that was closing in two days and everything was half off. I came across these two quilts and decided the price was right and they were in great condition. The first one is a Boston Commons (if that's not the right name..let me know!) And was in great condition and was nicely handquilted. The bluework embroidery one does show some fading, probably it was on the side of the bed that faced a window. But it was a sateen cotton that felt like silk! And the embroidery was still in nice condition.Unfortunately they weren't dated or signed. ANOTHER good reason to put labels on our quilts girls!
And TA DA!!!! Guess what I found!! Since the antique malls were not cooperating, there is always EBAY!!! LOL The price of them went up a lot, I imagine having a magazine feature them created a newfound interest! I was the highest bidder, so it is now on it's way. It should be here early this week. Woo hoo! And I found a pink one to boot. Isn't that special?


Kathie said...

cute sewing basket and PINK!!!
of course we would love to see the antique quilts you took pictures of for your freind too!
Love the quilts you showed that you liked.
isn't it great looking at antique quilts?

Screen Door said...

Hey My Mom gave my brother tons of my grandmothers quilts and the now exwife took'em when she left!?!?! that's life... great treasure hunting.. I've never seen a basket like that...