Sunday, February 01, 2009

Sewing pals...age 8

Aren't these the cutest 8 year olds? One is my granddaughter (in the 'star' glasses--what a ham!) and the other is a granddaughter of a student. I hold regular PJ parties (they must come dressed in PJ's or get fined $5) in which we make different items (usually not quilts--but fabric related) that can be made in a few hours. I try to get different techniques or something in. Well, my DGD wanted to come and my friend asked if she could bring her DGD as well. They hit it off right away and both did an awesome job sewing their pillowcase (the PJ party theme that night). It was so cute at the end of the night, they determined they were sewing pals. And gave each other big hugs goodbye. And then both went home, bouncing off the walls with excitement at what they were going to sew the next day with their new 'pal'. And both got up extremely early in case they would miss it!
The next day was Open Sew and since our GD's were staying with us, I said they could come as well. They collaborated on making purses (where they invaded my supply closet--but my DGD said it was okay since she was part of the family!) and came up with the cutest purses. I forgot to get a picture of them. And then they spent the last hour making Heartstring blocks. I'm close to having enough for a quilt, then I'll make it for QOV. They did such a good job. I was busy helping others and those 2 just worked together, sewing and pressing their own blocks. It just thrills my heart that my granddaughter loves sewing as much as I do! I had to kind of force my daughter's to learn to sew, but they never 'loved' it like I did. Well Miss Special K does! And she is thrilled to find another girl her age that loves it too! I can see many fun days ahead!
This is everyone with their finished pillowcase(s). Notice how they are all covering up their PJ's?

It's such an awesome way to make pillowcases. I've been making them this way for about 10 years. I thought it would make a great tutorial, but then Mary put one up and why duplicate? :) So, go on to Mary's site and see her tutorial of this easy pillowcase.


Vicki W said...

That looks like it was a lot of fun!

Carol said...

It is so great to see the young girls love sewing. They did a great job. Looking forward to seeing the purses they made!!!

Jeanne said...

That's a happy group of 8 year olds with their pillowcases! How nice of you to hold these parties. They will be wonderful memories for everyone involved.

Mary said...

Your PJ party looks like a lot of fun!

My Mom and oldest sister sewed while I was growing up but you couldn't have paid me to touch a sewing machine. Then, 8 years ago I decided to make a quilt. Mom hadn't sewn in years and had never made a quilt and I got her quilting too. So starting early is great...but it's never too late.