Saturday, February 21, 2009

Retreat Report

We had a great time at our retreat last weekend..geez, has it been a whole week ago already? Busy week, but wanted to report on our weekend. After a tense few days when our electric was out for 2 days RIGHT before our retreat had me a bit worried. But it came back on in time to carry on. We have 8 in our small group and we divide up in pairs to do retreats, block exchanges, etc. It was my turn with my friend and we decided to do a cupcake themed retreat. Here's what we placed at everyone's seats. We made cupcake pincushions for everyone. We used those silicone cupcake liners and stuffed a fabric square with batting and then hot glued it in the liner. We put colored pins in them to resemble sprinkles. Then we made kits for everyone to make a sewing machine mat. We got this darling cupcake fabric (Robert Kaufman) and then I embroidered their names on the pocket piece and Cheryl fused cupcakes (leftover from the fabric) on. We cut everything out for everyone and all they had to do that night was do some simple quilting and then bind it. We also made the hugest cupcake pincushion EVER and I forgot to take a picture of them! I'll do it later. Actually I did take a picture of one of our buddies and she was holding 2 of them in a very provocative manner and didn't think she'd want it made public! LOL You owe me Mishelle! We played Bingo, using words that pertained to our group, and played a word scramble and had quite some lively conversations--one was what constituted a compound word. We had little cups with colored M&M's--quilter's pills good for energy for just about everything...seam ripping...decision making, like what color to use....winding bobbins. And we all had mannequin heads and we were to post thoughts about our fellow quilters on them...all good of course!

Evil twin Kathy made an appearance and took over the machine quilting on a tablerunner. She did a very poor job--it was like she had never quilted before! She blames it on doing so much on Zoe that she's out of practice on a regular machine. I say phooey--and SHE is getting the credit for quilting that, not me! I was pretty mad at her for doing so bad and she got back at me and ate all my M&M's! This was one of the Quilt 24 Challenge quilts and will be great in a 'hang 'em high and keep 'em moving' exhibit only! LOL


loulee said...

Looks like you girls had a great time.
Your table runner looks beautiful, even if your evil twin didn't do such a great job, maybe if you sweeten her up with more M&Ms?

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Your party favors are sooo cute! The sewing mat is very practical too - I never thought they were since I always sewed at home, but since I've joined a group and bring my machine/supplies to sew- I realize how very handy they are!
Cheers! Evelyn

Nana's Quilts said...

Such fun! Your theme was quite cute and you carried it out wonderfully. Great memories.

Melody said...

I want, want, want one of those sewing machine mats to store my stuff in. I'm so stealing your idea...okay? :)

So many bloggers have been talking about retreats. Pout.

Looks like you had lots of fun and what cutesies you made.

I tried to check out Kathy's quilting but the pic would not enlarge. She's sneaky. Looks good from here though.

The Demanding Doll said...

p.s. Why am I showing up as Melody?