Sunday, January 18, 2009

Amsterdam in 6 hours

We always take a group to tour Amsterdam, but generally only have 6 hours to do it in. Each time I get to see one or two more things and this trip was no different. If you haven't heard, a man named Johan Huibers in the Netherlands built a replica of Noah's Ark and it has been on display in various locations around the Netherlands since 2008. We were so lucky that it is currently in Amsterdam, only 10 minutes (that's what the website said--but that must refer to the speed walkers!) from the back side of Centraal Station. We did find it, a bit tricky since it was in the harbor where there is a LOT of construction. But it was a site to see. There were some replicas of animals in there to give a general idea of how it might have been. If you go there, stop and watch the video on the construction of the vessel as well as how it compared to the original. Amazing. Our tour guide--okay, not. But our fearless leader for sure! We saw thousands of bikes parked everywhere! Along the canals, in multi-tiered parking garages, floating parking lots in the harbor and anywhere else you can imagine!
After the Noah's Ark tour, we trekked over to Anne Frank's house. We left a group there (I've been there several times and it's worth the trip, but not 10x!). Ted and I then went to my favorite bagel shop for a bagel and the best hot chocolate EVER!! The first time I ordered one there, a cup with a HUGE amount of whipped cream was set down in front of me and I got a square sucker of dark chocolate. How cool. I love it in Europe when you order a hot beverage you always get a little treat--a cookie, a chocolate or something. I was licking the sucker (at first I thought it was a chocolate covered marshmallow--but it's solid chocolate) while I was eating a bit of the REAL whipped cream when I realized the whipping cream was on a little dish on top of the hot chocolate. I removed it and saw only steamed milk! OOPS! You are supposed to put that chocolate in the milk and stir it until the chocolate melts and turns into hot chocolate. Add the sweetened whipped cream and you have the best hot chocolate ever!
Wish you were here to join me!
The other place I wanted to go was to Tassenmuseum, a museum of bags and purses! Anyone who knows me, knows that is my other passion! I love them all. Shoes? I could care less--I hate to wear them, hate to shop for them, hate to buy them. But a purse? Or a bag? Anything that holds anything like baskets or containers, I love! I LOVE the Container Store! Okay, got off track a bit. But when I read an article about this museum, I knew that it had to be on the list I must see. Kirt was less than thrilled when I mentioned it, so Ted so graciously offered to accompany me. Stayed tuned for this adventure and my amazing purchase! :)

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