Saturday, January 10, 2009

First project of the year

I know, I'm writing things out of order, but when things happen, I didn't have time to write! There is a pattern by ??, man, my mind is really slipping! Hip something or other. Anyway, they came out with a monthly wallhanging pattern series that I loved, but wasn't crazy about the dark homespuns. Besides, I completely used 100% of that fabric anyway. I thought I'd like to make it in brights. other things came along and I forgot about it........until the Las Vegas Shop Hop. There was a store there that had it done up both ways, traditional fabrics and brighter ones! New inspiration! So, I've added it to my list of what I'd like to do this year. I'm on a roll, first one is done! Well, okay, not all the way done, I have to quilt it yet. But it's all appliqued and 'ready to be quilted done'. He also needs buttons on his vest...will do that after he's quilted.
I can't do my stash report because I left all the figures at home, but this one took about 3/4 yard or so. I made the base that all these wallhangings will be attached and got the backings ready for both pieces.
I'll look up the pattern company when I get home...darn my brain anyway! LOL


Linda_J said...

Joined at the Hip. I know because I seriously have thought about making this set of quilts or something a lot like it---their button ups are beyond cute!

I'll email you off post about the Be-attitudes thing to get the particulars but I'm in, Karen! Thx for inviting me.

Linda_J said...

Duh--should have told you how cute it turned out. The color substitutions will make it even better for your needs.