Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Quilt Exhibition of Lous Luijer


Who is she? Just a Dutch quilter who does ALL her quilts by hand. This was the second time I went to a Quilt Exhibition Opening for a quilter here in Holland. Apparently it is not uncommon to present your quilts in a nice setting to share with others your quilts. And quite a few times they join up with another type artist that might compliment your work as well. Lous (pronounced 'Luce') presented approximately 20 of her quilts, including a Baltimore Album style, several log cabin variations (one in miniature that was outstanding!), a memory quilt for her children who used be Sand Sculptors and did amazing work. She also had a reversible quilt made from several of the cotton shopping bags. It kind of reminded me of a T-shirt quilt.
Lous works in a nursing home and has 'down' time that allows her to get some stitches in on her quilts. She does not work with a machine at all. Indeed, her hand stitches appear to be done by machine.

The exhibit was in a church hall near The Hague and for the opening we were served wine and hor'dourves and were treated to some piano music as well. The artist that was included in the exhibit was Lia van Muijen, a Delft paint artist who trains others to paint in the 'Delft' way. It was a very nice afternoon.
Thank you Lous for allowing me to attend your Quilt Exhibit 'warmte en ontmoeting' and allowing to photograph and share your quilts.


www.quiltlous.web-log.nl said...

Karen, it was nice to meet you.
may be we see you in Houston?

Nana's Quilts said...

Wonderful to read about all your adventures. Need to find out where is the 'warme chocolat' place. And the purses are marvelous - what a fun place. The pink one will allow you many marvelous conversations - as folks comment on it.


Anonymous said...

Patchwork from Sweden. Leja