Friday, January 09, 2009

on the road again.....

Yep, I'm gone again. We've been pretty lucky in our travels lately in not being delayed too much or any other problems. So it was time! I am in the Netherlands now (it's Friday noon right now) and I'm still without luggage. I left my house on Wed. AM to be at our airport at 10 AM. Right away, the flight was delayed. The plane that I was to take to NYC was delayed coming in due to bad weather. Sitting at the gate, I watched about 8 policemen come to the gate and then leave out a side door. As people started gathering around the window, curiosity finally moved me to go see what was going on. Our plane was there and it was surrounded by police, fire trucks, etc. We finally learned that on the flight, some young man decided to mess with the smoke detector in the lavatory! So, not only was he arrested, but they had to have someone come and thoroughly check the plane to make sure he didn't do anything else. 7 HOURS after I arrived at the airport, my plane finally left for NYC. And the long layover I was to have there....gone...and you guessed it, I missed my flight. They put me on another flight to leave late at night there. Fortunately they had a lounge I could rest (some more--like what I've been doing all day anyway LOL). Kirt called Ted and told her my new flight schedule. And then my bag didn't make it and they said it would be on the next scheduled flight to arrive the next day! Well, it's the next day and I still don't have it. I was supposed to go with Ted to a Quilt Shop's Open House, but without clean clothes, make up, hair stuff, I felt I should pass! (I did go to a store in her village to get some more undies.) So, here I wait..

I have started taking photos, but can't load any of them since my cord to the computer is in the suitcase. So, it's clip art for least there is something to look at! LOL

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