Friday, January 23, 2009

It's here! My RR is done!

What a great thing to come home to! It's just absolutely beautiful! I belong to the Round Robin Quilters--a group of 15 who have been working on a Round Robin for the past 15 months and we are done! It's just a small wallhanging (quiltlet) and just so fun to do. What made this Round Robin one of the best that I have been in is that everyone did such a fantastic job of sewing, choosing fabrics, being creative and being on time! We all started with a 4" x 4" block (mine was an appliqued snowflake)that kind of set the theme of what we would like in our quilt. Then each month as we passed the quiltlet on, we had a prescribed size block or instructions that we were to do. It was small enough to manage without feeling like a burden. And it allowed us time to really put thought into what we were doing. I want to say right now to the Round Robin quilters---THANK YOU for doing such an awesome job on my quiltlet! I will say this is the best RR that I've ever participated in! And to manage it for 15 months says a lot.

Look at this tree! It's amazing and SO well done! I'm not sure which person did it, but she did an excellent job. Well..actually, they all did.

Again--thank you to the Round Robin group and I look forward to participating with you again. Check out the sidebar for the Round Robin ring to see the rest of the quilts.


Sharon said...

I did the row with the little tree and the offset modified nine patch strip. I have to admit to you though, that my best girlfriend Carolyn actually did the paper pieced tree after we collaborated on just what was needed. We both were on a retreat in Cambria Ca with a couple of our other buddies last March when we did that. It sure turned out great!

loulee1 said...

I love your snowflake, and Mr Snowman is just too cool.
What a beautiful quilt, lucky you.

Vicki W said...

It's terrific!

Juliann in WA said...

How fun to see this one done since it was the first one I worked on. I made the little house and I just knew this would turn out well because your starter block was wonderful.