Monday, January 12, 2009

Bosna Quilts

I walked into Ted's home last week and Wow! A new quilt on the wall, that was pieced and almost like artwork. Upon closer inspection, the quilting stitches were rather large and the pattern was very free spirited. So unlike her other work. That's because is was not her work! She purchased this piece of art from the Bosna Qult Workshop, an arts and crafts studio established in 1993 by the Vorarlberg painter Lucia Feinig-Gieisinger, along with female refugees from Bosnia at the Galina Refugee home in Western Austria. Since 1988 twelve Bosnian women have been completing Bosna Quilts in the community of Gorazde, the only enclave in the southeastern part of Bosnia which escaped occupation by the Serbs. The whole story is quite fascinating and moving and buying one of these quilts helps support a family. You can read about it here.


Susan said...

What wonderful pictures. Doesn't matter if the stitches are large, because it's the design that is important. This reminds me of the Gees Bend quilts. =)

Sandy Lackie said...

The link on your blog to the Bosna quilt workshop is no longer active. Could you post where it's possible to purchase the quilts? Thanks, Sandy.